Staring at the sun

Just wanted to remember you people about the upcoming solar eclipse on May 31. If you’re in Norway, you can buy a pair of cheap, kick ass solar eclipse glasses at Narvesen kiosks. Glasses like the ones below. You can also read more about the phenomenon over at NASA.

Kick Ass Solar Eclipse Glasses

Did I mention they were kick ass?

Camilla tried to trick me into watching Dirty Dancing, but I managed to slip away.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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What’s so awful about this film, that you won’t see it?
It’s nothing wrong with that movie… was good “shit” when it was released…

I simply don’t like the movie: It’s painfully predictable, it’s a typical movie from the girl-gets-rebel-guy-genre, which I honestly don’t think much of, the whole movie is a 96 minutes cliché – and it’s Patrick Swayze! Just that should be enough reason to steer clear.

To sum it up: I think the movie is crap.

But, by all means, feel free to like it. Just don’t drag me into it. You might find joy in knowing that Dirty Dancing II is scheduled for release in 2004.

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