Status quo

For the last two days now I haven’t done a thing. Ask me what I’ve been up to, and I’ll have to answer “I really don’t know”.

I can remember two things I’ve done. I’ve been playing GTA3 and I’ve been trying to get hold of the human resources manager of Kongsberg Protech regarding a possible opening for a summer job there. So far, no luck. Left a message on his machine, though.

If I get a job, I hope it’s something computer related - I need 4 weeks or so of relevant work to get my masters degree approved. But I might end up doing monkey-work, operating heavy machinery. Ah, it’s money and I need it. Bad. Could really use a new desktop computer or maybe even a portable one. Playing GTA3 on my current one was impossible and I ended up completing the game in collaboration with Hallvard. I might need more power for some of the programming tools I might be running at the university next semester

Right now I’m waiting for Merete to show up on MSN (no, I’m still using Trillian). She said she needed some amateur psychiatry. At your service, miss.

I’ve been considering using some time to redesign the site. Again. I like the design thing.


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