Stepping carefully

When I woke up today it was suddenly Monday and a new week had broken out. Which means a weekend just ended. And this particular weekend was actually one of the better I’ve had in a while. Dinner and wine on Friday, slept long both on Saturday and Sunday, met with Kine on Saturday, and Cathrine on Sunday. The weekend was quiet, yet very eventful. Suits me just fine.

Kine was visiting her boyfriend in Asker, about twenty minutes by train from Oslo. Saturday afternoon she met me for a quick coffee before she left to pick him up at work. He’s a friend of her brother, and they met some time during the summer. They’d probably met before, but, you know, it was summer, Amour was firing his arrows at random and one thing led to another. She told me his name, and I couldn’t help myself and started to dig for information with a little help from our old friend Google. Unfortunately, his name is one of those ordinary ones, and you’ll probably find 10.000 people with the same name in Norway. I found it in reference to an article in an online newspaper with the heading “Sexually frustrated, murderous giraffe on the loose”, but I don’t think it was the same guy.

With the exception of a short chat at Ola‘s birthday party I haven’t really had a conversation with Cathrine since we left Brazil one and a half years ago. It’s a shame, really, she’s a nice girl who I enjoy spending time with. There’ll hopefully be a re-run of yesterday in the near future.

I’ve read through this entry five times now, but you can probably find some errors.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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Nope .. can’t find no errors.. but then again grammar ain’t my strongest point.. ergo sum, when I find errors they’ve got to be huge! :P

only two, one of which is a typo :P

“…a little help from (not form) our old friend…”

and i’m pretty sure it should be “…one and a half years (not year) ago.”

i feel like a douchebag doing this, seeing as you speak english better than i’ll ever speak my second language (french), but hey… you asked!

and this one, not an error, but something that reminded me of different countries having different ways in terms of punctuation.

in australia, we’d have written it as “10,000”, but i think your way is fine as well. :P

No need to feel like that, I asked – as you pointed out. And you’ll never get any better at something if no one tells you what you’re doing wrong.

The 10.000 or 10,000 thingy has made a mess out of things before, another good example that someone should put a foot down and say "this is the way we’re gonna do it, damn it!"

Yeah.. Every norwegian progammer has probably sometime in their life experienced the great fuckup , instead of . can make of your code..

btw, I can’t believe I didn’t see the “form” typo..

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