Have you ever been thinking about a situation you’ve been in and wished that you’d played your cards differently when the heat was on? I bet you have. And it’s damn annoying, isn’t it? I’m doing my best to let bygones be bygones at the moment, but it’s still extremely annoying.

Wanted: Time machine. Only have to take me back a couple of days, nothing complicated.

Hans Olav was a bit busy at the university today, but me and Gro went downtown for a local photo safari anyway. Unfortunately, there’re not a lot of things to take pictures of these day, it’s all grey and dark. And we lost the light a bit early, too. So most of the pictures I took were nothing to brag about. Still I post one of them below. Enjoy. If you want to see some good pictures you should head over to frosk.org.

Studentersamfundet i Trondheim