“- That’s not the point! It’s just too fucking big, you’re not supposed to be able to move anything that…damn it…enormous!

Leonard is screaming in your ear. He is so close, you can smell his breath; a cup of coffee, a hamburger with way too much onion, a hint of cheap tobacco and something that you can’t quite recognize. The only smell that competes with his breath is the stench from his body. He probably hasn’t showered in a week, maybe more. Maybe a month. It’s hard to tell. You’re about to push him away to avoid fainting on his kitchen floor, when he moves away from you. He walks over to the sink. It’s filled up with bags from McDonald’s and Star Bucks. You can’t help wondering why he’s keeping them in his sink. It’s hard to tell with Leo. But he probably has his reasons. Weird and creepy reasons, the kind of reasons you really don’t want to know, or at least hope you will be able to forget quickly if he ever happens to tell you.

Leo has been your friend for almost fifteen years now. But sometimes it feels like you’ve only known him for a week, two tops. After he got off his medication he’s changing all the time. It’s been long since you saw the real Leo, the company you enjoyed. This Leo is a pain in the ass. Making big issues out of nothing. Suddenly punching someone. Or screaming at old women. You don’t feel safe around Leo anymore.

  • Bitch! You suck cock for money, you fucking whore!

That’s what he usually shouts. His catch phrase - it’s not a pretty sight. He really should start taking his pills again, but they made him forget things. You preferred the forgetful Leo. He was predictable. And calm. He didn’t start throwing candy bars at store clerks. Yeah, so you’d spend countless hours looking for his keys, but you wouldn’t stand the risk of having your brain smashed in with a baseball bat all the time.

A baseball bat to the back of the head was what happened to Leonard. A liquor store robbery gone bad. Very bad. He was filling in for you. You’d called in sick, wanting to spend the Saturday with your girlfriend. Either selling booze to drunks and under-aged kids or being with her. It was an easy choice. A junkie decided to rob the store that day. Leo decided to play the hero. It cost him his mind.

  • Bitch! You suck cock for money, you fucking whore!

Leo howling out his kitchen window. It’s partly true. She sucked cock. But she didn’t demand any money for it. What she did was to dump you. On that Saturday. Leonard got his head smashed in, you got your heart ripped out. At the time it seemed like the cracked scull would have been a good alternative to the broken heart. But it passed. Everything does. Except for a baseball bat to the back of your head.”