Warning! The following paragraph contains strong language and is not recommended reading for anyone with a weak heart.

This is a short message to the retarded motherfucker who stole Hallvard’s other bike this evening. Since the gears on my bike are currently FUBAR, I’m using that bike as my primary means of transportation. But now I have to walk, you inbred piece of shit. So, to make a long story short: I want the bike back, just leave it where you found it and everyone will be happy again.

And now we return to our scheduled programming.

I had an interview for a job today. On the phone, but still an interview. It went semi-well, I think, and they would let me know if I get the job early next week. I don’t know when I’m starting, but I have to work during the summer and I’ve got no idea how good the money are - but it’s a job. Initially, we’re just talking two months of work, but there was a chance that I might get more work after that. If I get the opening, I’ll work in Oslo, which is a good thing because that’s where most of the other computer related jobs are. But it might be hard to find a place to live on short notice. Anyway, it’s not a problem yet, so I can jump off that bridge when I get to it.

I visited Stine this evening, and I came upon a strange phenomenon when I was almost home - after having walked all the way, thank you very much! Between 150 and 200 sea gulls were gathered on the lawns of the houses in the neighborhood. That would probably not have been very strange if we were close to fish, but our apartment is not that close to the sea. Come to think of it, it’s not very close to anything. I was going to get my camera to take some picture, but suddenly they all flew away. So I can’t prove anything.

Everything might of course have been a strange dream, Red pill or blue pill, my friend?