I’m continuing to enhance my little home/bedroom studio. Yesterday I added an M-Audio FireWire Solo and a pair of Fostex PM-0.5 MKII. The motivation for investing in an external sound card and a pair of decent nearfield studio monitors is that the mini-jack input and the soundcard on the MacBook isn’t really that high quality and to wear headphones all the time can be a pain in the butt. Also, there’s no 1/4″ input on the MacBook, which I guess is a necessity if you plan to record from any instrument like a guitar or a bass.

Today me an Gine tried to record a bit from her guitar, but it was impossible to get good sound out of the amp in her Cort guitar. Either I did something wrong while adjusting the sound - and I tried adjusting every hardware and software knob I could find - or there’s something going on with the guitar amp.

If you reside in Oslo or nearby I recommend Musikkbørsen Kongens Gate for all your studio and music instrument needs. They seemed professional - despite the fact that they gave me the wrong cables to the Solo - and I got a good offer on the package compared to the manufacture’s suggested retail price, which I checked earlier today.