I’m continuing to enhance my little home/bedroom studio. Yesterday I added an M-Audio FireWire Solo and a pair of Fostex PM-0.5 MKII. The motivation for investing in an external sound card and a pair of decent nearfield studio monitors is that the mini-jack input and the soundcard on the MacBook isn’t really that high quality and to wear headphones all the time can be a pain in the butt. Also, there’s no 1/4″ input on the MacBook, which I guess is a necessity if you plan to record from any instrument like a guitar or a bass.

Today me an Gine tried to record a bit from her guitar, but it was impossible to get good sound out of the amp in her Cort guitar. Either I did something wrong while adjusting the sound – and I tried adjusting every hardware and software knob I could find – or there’s something going on with the guitar amp.

If you reside in Oslo or nearby I recommend Musikkbørsen Kongens Gate for all your studio and music instrument needs. They seemed professional – despite the fact that they gave me the wrong cables to the Solo – and I got a good offer on the package compared to the manufacture’s suggested retail price, which I checked earlier today.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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The internal mics in acustic guitars are usually intended for live use, and tend to sound not-so-great in a studio. What was the problem excactly? You should probably invest in a microphone anyway, if you wanna do vocals, and that should work much better on the guitar too. Musikkbørsen didn’t have a very impressive selection of mics though, so you might wanna look around, and maybe check for both reviews and recording tips. Good luck!

I’m already way beyond my original budget, so I doubt that I’ll get a good microphone any time soon. Also, you don’t want to hear me sing…

The problem with the sound was that it “clipped” (dunno if it’s the right expressen), it was like the input was turned way too high.

Yeah, yeah, did that. I’m taking the guitar back to the store this week to get them to have a look at the preamp.

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