Yesterday was a very bad day in terms of stuff that broke. The first thing I discover when I get to work is that one of our servers is down. Not a good way to start the day. After a little investigation, I realize that it has actually entered a restart-loop. The server starts up, displays the log on screen for a few seconds, then restarts. Bad stuff. Even worse: It’s located in a remote data centre, and we have no way to control the server from our office as long as I’m never able to log in before it restarts. I call our hosting guys at 08:00, but we’re not inside the rack until around 11:00. Once there, it takes about ten minutes to get the system back to normal. Downtime ain’t good for business.

Later that day, I went for a bicycle trip with Hans Olav. Before we started to climb the hills to Tryvann, we decided to inflate our tyres a little. “You rear wheel can take more air than that”, Hans Olav said. “I’m not so sure”, I said. “Ah, come on”, said Hans Olav. So I filled it up with more air. Everything went nice, for a while. Suddenly my right wheel chock on the rear wheel locks up. The reason is that the rim has suddenly got a huge dent. It’s actually completely creased at one place. Of some reason, the rim couldn’t take the pressure from the tube and broke.

That’s quality for you!

Today is the one week anniversary. I’m feeling OK, I guess.