Stumbling & Fumbling.

In spite of yesterday’s strong reluctance to move anywhere outside the apartment, I ended up spending a couple of hours in Thorshovdalen with Ola, Terje, Hege, and a girl called Annki, who I’ve met at a couple of occasions before. Annki is not her real name, it’s short for something that I haven’t quite catched yet, I think it’s Ann Katrin or Ann Kristin or something like that. And even if it is, it’s probably spelled wrong, since you can write both Katrin and Kristin with Ch instead of a K. I just suck when it comes to names. And that was today’s little digression.

In the park we played Frisbee, badminton and volleyball, all the normal park activities. Terje had to leave early, because he was going to the movies with someone. Who he wouldn’t tell, but I think we know who it was. It’s a complicated mess he has stumbled into, it seems, and he is safe-guarding himself by refusing to tell us anything about it. And that’s probably a very good idea. Ola was testing his new camera, and he took a whole film of everything and nothing just to get the hang of things. He and Hege is going on vacation to Italy in a while, and he’ll probably take a ton of pictures there.

It was a nice afternoon and it was probably a good ting that I went outside yesterday, because today has been nothing but rain, rain and even more rain.

Today I got a couple of tips on my programming from one of the guys at NRK. From what he told me, I got a couple of good ideas, so I started to hack my code to implement it – and ended up using two hours fixing the havoc I made and struggling to get back to status quo. But I eventually made it and now everything is good again.

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  1. A friend of mine once told me something important, as both you and I, he is really bad at remembering names. But he has one rule; when a girl tells him her name he tries really hard to memorize it.

    If that seems to hard for you, you could narrow it down to pretty girls / girls you would like to date / insanely beautifull girls / girls you actually have a chance at getting on a date or as a worst case scenario: the woman your about to marry… :)

  2. I think I tend to use that system already, without thinking. At least I’m usually forgetting the names of girls that’re already dating pretty fast. I guess it’s in our genes.

  3. I actually agree with Klas on this one.. names are confusing stuff.. It would have been a lot easier if we all where called f.ex. Bruce like the philo. faculty at the university of Wallamaggoo (.b: or somthin like that..). If you have no idea what I’m talking about you should listen to (or watch) the complete (including the faculty meeting) Monty Pythons “Philosopher song”..