I did make it to Collateral last night. It was a very good movie, probably the best I’ve seen in some time. Except for the last twenty minutes, where everything went down hill, but I guess they were running out of money and had to finish the movie somehow. A lot of interesting camera positioning twists, the soundtrack blends very good with the action and Tom Cruise generally kicks ass.

Right now I’m keeping half an eye on Premier League matches. It’s not something I usually do, for me, watching football is about as interesting as watching wet paint dry on a wall. Playing is much more fun, even if I suck at it. Like basketball, I enjoy playing it, but can’t hit the basket from three feet away.

Anyway, the reason I’m sitting here is that the client I mentioned yesterday has launched a premium service using our system, and it’s a tad important that everything works. So far, so good. Knock, knock. Here’s how it works: When a goal is scored in a Premier League match, someone in the UK edits a video with the goal. It’s then sent to a Norwegian TV channel, who in turn bounce it on to us. Processing at our end takes about one minute; after that the goal is available for anyone with a decent mobile phone to download. During half-time and when each match is finished, a summary is made available for streaming to the phones.

Cool, eh?

Forgot all about the Friday Cali yesterday. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, as always more can be found at Cali es Cali:

Maria del Pilar Méndez from Cali es Cali (


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