Sugar, Baby!

Yesterday I once again went to Tryvannstårnet. It was a trip to hell and back again. I’m taking a two day break from exercising, including today. Everything I did today was to take the sub to Sognsvann to take a few pictures with Hans Olav, but when we got there, we’d lost all the good light. Better luck next time.

An interesting and rather inexplicable thing happened yesterday. When I got home from work, there was a hand written envelope with my name and address on it in the mail box. It was posted at a post office just a couple of hundred metres from my flat. Inside was a small flyer for a service called Sukker (English; Sugar). Catch phrase: Find your dream partner. It’s a dating service.


Do I have a large sign above my head that I can’t see that says “SINGLE”? And how did these people get my address? Yeah, well, it’s not exactly rocket science if you have access to the internet and you know what Google is. But to find me, you have to know me, or at least know my name. I only know one person who could have anything to do with this, and that person pleads not guilty.

My question is not a complicated one, but mighty hard to answer: Who sent this flyer?


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