About two months ago I decided to stop eating stuff that contain ridiculous amounts of sugar, for instance chocolate. So far it’s working well, I haven’t eaten any candy since I started and I’m steering clear of other things like sugar bomb desserts.

I have, however, begun to to drink more diet soft drinks for some reason, and have found two new friends in Pepsi Max Cool Lemon and Pepsi Max Cappuccino. It’s with the Cappuccine flavor as it was with Vanilla Coke, I’m pretty much the only one in Norway who likes it.

People have been asked me if I feel any difference after quitting sugar. The answer is probably “no”. There is one difference I’ve noticed and it scares me a little:

I’ve got this strange urge to watch FIFA World Cup football matches on TV.

Of course, it might not be related to sugar - or rather the lack of it - at all. As far as I know, Pepsi is not sponsoring the FIFA World Cup. If they were, I could have explained the urge with subliminal messaging, but since they’re not, the only reasonable explanation I can think of is the lack of sugar.

So far I’ve been able to suppress the need to watch football on TV, but today I pretty much followed the whole Mexico v. Iran match on an online newspaper.

So, don’t quit sugar.

This entry marks 6 days in a row with updates. Marvelous.