Good evening monkey boys (and the odd monkey girl). After I posted yesterday’s entry a few interesting things happened:

First, we had a short discussion in entry #483 about life and death. Da_Pyro, probably also known as Mickey, left a new one-liner: “If death is the beginning then when does it end?” That just doesn’t make much sense to me, but maybe that’s the whole point. I don’t know. Not added. Mickey can also tell you how to make your own personal freakin' rocket launcher thingy if your interested. Make sure not to point it at anyone. And don’t tell the cops I sent you.

Second, Ian wonders why I just don’t go ahead and complete some of the really easy tasks in my 100 things to do before I die-list. Like #93, draw on a wall. I could, of course, just draw something on the wall. I’ve got a pen besides me now, I could - without much effort - grab the pen, lean forward and draw on my bedroom wall. But would that mean anything? No. At least not much. I want to write something like “George W. Bush is a retarded cock sucking motherfucker” (huge Echelon bing-bing, thank you very much for freedom of speech) on the White House. Don’t we all? Of course this will never happen, so I’ll probably scale it down a little, but I’m going to draw or write something on a wall when I feel it’s time for me to express myself on concrete.

Third, Kristoffer questions my cooking skills. I probably would’ve done that, too, if it wasn’t for the fact that I actually prepared the food myself. Anyway, here’s Saturday’s menu:

  • EntrΓ©e: Garlic and Parsley baked field mushrooms
  • Main course: Ginger beef with peppers, baked potato with garlic butter
  • Dessert: Chocolate blancmange with vanilla
  • Wines: El Copero 2002 & Caliterra 2003, both budget wines

And when it comes to Need for Speed Underground I’ve now completed 102 races and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A new preview version of Opera 7.5 is now available. Read more about it in this forum thread.