Summer Suprise.
Summer Surprise

Me and Hans Olav envisioned and put together this drink earlier this year. It might look a bit like a Mojito, but it’s not and the taste is also a bit different. While a Mojito is a rather sweet drink, the Summer Surprise is fresher, maybe even a tad bitter because of the Gin. Here’s what you need to try it yourself:

  • 4 cl White Rum
  • 2 cl Gin
  • Lime
  • Ice
  • Schweppes Lemon


  1. Fill half the glass with ice, either cubes or crushed ice. Personally, I think ice cubes work better, but it might be because I’ve never tried with proper crushed ice, just slush ice.
  2. Cut the lime in four and squeeze the juice from all four pieces. Put two of the pieces in the glass.
  3. Mix the Gin and the White Rum in the with the rest.
  4. Top with Schweppes Lemon.
  5. Add a straw.
  6. Profit.