Sunday, nerdy Sunday.

I spent most of yesterday evening watching more South Park with my left index finger in a glass of ice water. The reason for that is simple; I’m clumsy. While taking a hot pizza out of the oven, it started to slide away from me. I tried to save the day and accidently grabbed the gridiron. Without potholders. But thanks to my jungle-like reflexes I only burned one of my fingers, not the whole hand. The pizza flipped over – of course – but it did a complete loop, landing with the topping the right way. Up.

I’ll probably get a dead sexy scar on my finger. And I’ll can call it a war injury. From the night we captured Saddam. Camilla didn’t find having a scar on my finger even a little bit sexy, but she’s only saying that because she’s got a boyfriend now. Next time I’ll probably take out the pizza without using kettle potholders.

Bad weather and rain kept me from doing what I’d originally planned today; grab my camera and tripod and take some pictures outside. So instead I ended up reading more about regular expressions and making a few updates on the site:

  • Finally added Roar to the cast. I’m onsidering adding Cathrine and Marita, too, hope they don’t mind. If they do, they can kick my ass for doing it.
  • Updated information on Kristoffer, Stine and Terje in the cast
  • Added an 52 albums or burn!-overview to the feature
  • A few tweaks that you probably won’t notice

Certainly a nerdy Sunday.

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  1. I can’t believe this post today
    I can’t close my eyes and make it go away
    How long – how long must we read this post
    How long – how looooooong
    But toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
    We can be like nerds tooooniiiiight

    Sunday, nerdy Sundaaaaaaay
    Sunday, nerdy Sundaaaaaaay

    Sunday, nerdy Sunday
    (Sunday, nerdy Sunday)

    …Time for bed.

  2. Thank you for the nice christmas present! Terje tells me that you are a great cook (just like him :)), so I am really looking forward to the dinner. By the way; I think it is safe to say that I am his girlfriend now, if he does not have any objections, that is :)

  3. Inger: About the cook, thing; I wouldn’t believe it until I see (taste) it. All my dishes come with some pills to calm the stomach afterwards. And great stuff about the girlfriend/boyfriend thing. The last time I talked to him he certainly didn’t have any objections. Congratulations to the both of you! Good stuff! (Take good care of him, he’s not a tough as he pretends to be.)

    Bono: Bwahaha! Is that a hit I hear?

    .beldin: I feel nerdy, but I try to keep it on the inside. Most of the time.

    Oh, I was tempted to add a spelling error to one of the comments below. But I was able to resist it. I’ve got enough spelling error in my own comments and entries.