I spent most of yesterday evening watching more South Park with my left index finger in a glass of ice water. The reason for that is simple; I’m clumsy. While taking a hot pizza out of the oven, it started to slide away from me. I tried to save the day and accidently grabbed the gridiron. Without potholders. But thanks to my jungle-like reflexes I only burned one of my fingers, not the whole hand. The pizza flipped over - of course - but it did a complete loop, landing with the topping the right way. Up.

I’ll probably get a dead sexy scar on my finger. And I’ll can call it a war injury. From the night we captured Saddam. Camilla didn’t find having a scar on my finger even a little bit sexy, but she’s only saying that because she’s got a boyfriend now. Next time I’ll probably take out the pizza without using kettle potholders.

Bad weather and rain kept me from doing what I’d originally planned today; grab my camera and tripod and take some pictures outside. So instead I ended up reading more about regular expressions and making a few updates on the site:

  • Finally added Roar to the cast. I’m onsidering adding Cathrine and Marita, too, hope they don’t mind. If they do, they can kick my ass for doing it.
  • Updated information on Kristoffer, Stine and Terje in the cast
  • Added an 52 albums or burn!-overview to the feature
  • A few tweaks that you probably won’t notice

Certainly a nerdy Sunday.