Oh, lazy Sunday. Yesterday I met Ola and Kjetil for a few beers at Fru Hagen and QBA. Ola is working in Spain while Kjetil is still stuck in Trondheim, so I don’t see them very often. Good news is that they’re both thinking about moving to Oslo. It looks like most people I know end up here in the end, but not all of them, though. Klas, Tor Olav and Håkon - I’m looking in your direction. Roar lived in Oslo for a while but went insane and moved to Drammen.

Yesterday I also had a look at another apartment, this one wasn’t crooked and it had a proper bathroom. The only downside is that it’s not as close to downtown Oslo as I’d like, but it’s still something I can live with. Going from home to work will take about fifteen minutes on my bike, which is more than acceptable.

I think I’ll end this week of posting with another gem from It’s basic, but hilarious:

From Engrí


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