My all time favorite Swedish band Kent released a new album yesterday. As with all their releases since “Isola”, I bought it blindly without listening to it. I usually tend to listen to music before I buy to avoid any surprises.

I’ve now listened through their new album, “Tillbaka Till Samtiden”, 10-12 times and I’m thinking I should’ve listened to it while in the record store before I put my hard earned dough on the counter, because it’s an album with a few unpleasant surprises. Kent has been moving slowly downhill since “Vapen & Ammunition” and this album is another leg on their journey to the Valley of Bands That Just Lost It. I guess Live will be happy to get some company down there.

All right, it’s probably a bit unfair to say that they have been moving continuously downhill since “Vapen & Ammunition” because their previous album, “Du & Jag DΓΆden”, was pretty good and that leaves just “Vapen & Ammunition” as a downhill album, so I guess what I’m trying to say here is that “Vapen & Ammunition” was a not that good by Kent standards and the same is the case for “Tillbaka Till Samtiden”.

This is why I’ll never get paid to write anything about music.