It’s summer, so it’s that time of the year again - about time to get some of those cool t-shirts that no one else has. I used to surf to Threadless for that kind of service, but it has turned out one of the guys at work buys most of his t-shirts from that very store, which sort of ruins the whole exclusivity thing. It’s not a big deal, though, the last time I checked Threadless they only had t-shirts designed by acid addicts. The only one I really wanted was the classic “In Case of Emergency” t-shirt, and that one was out of stock.

The interweb also hosts a wide range of other stores and sites that sell t-shirts. Both XKCD and ThinkGeek have some nice ones, but of course the IT guys get all their clothing needs covered there. Still, there are a few options, something a quick Google search for “t-shirt” confirmed.

But after browsing through the top twenty hits on Google and tons and tons of different t-shirt designs, I really can’t say that I found anything I wanted. So I guess I’ll have to do without a t-shirt this summer. Yes, I know I sound like a woman who don’t want to show up at the party wearing the same outfit as one of the other girls, but if it’s one aspect of life I like to stand out, it’s on the t-shirt level.

I don’t know why.