Playing Together

Anniken and I, we’re the odd couple. We met through work, which is isn’t that uncommon. I was the skinny office geek, she was the office hottie. We were working in a tech company, and as with the majority of tech companies, most of the employees were guys. To say that she got a lot of attention would be an understatement. To make a long story short, she ended up dating me, which surely came as a surprise to most of our fellow co-workers when that cat was let out of the bag. I consider it my personal “Revenge of the Nerds“-moment. Now we’re living in a family house outside of Oslo, we have a station wagon and a 9 months old daughter who just decided it’s about time to wake up from her morning nap. BRB, AFK, etc.

Anyway. I’m far from a relationship expert, but spending quality time together is important, perhaps even more so after Vilde was born. How you define “quality time”, however, is subjective as it usually involves doing something you enjoy. Because I’ve still not grown too old to play video games, I’m trying to get Anniken hooked as well to make it something we can do together. I’ve got no illusions that she’ll ever join me in a game of CS:GO or just one more turn of Civilization, but these days there are a lot more to video game genres than just first person shooters and turn based strategy games.