Eurovision Song Contest 2015

We all have our guilty pleasure. It’s something that we enjoy, but that would normally be considered out-of-character. It’s not uncommon that we hide our guilty pleasures, perhaps it’s hard for you to tell your testosterone buddies about your favorite romantic comedy? Personally, I make no effort to hide my own guilty pleasure, the Eurovision Song Contest. The contest is held once a year, is mostly associated with raging homosexuals, which is something I don’t consider myself to be. It has also got live performances from artists that often can’t sing, making everything amazingly awkward. That is something I usually hate, I can’t, for instance, watch television shows like American Idol because they make me physically ill.

But there is something strangely appealing about the Eurovision Song Contest. Many of the artist put on a great show and for some of them it’s a chance to get their big breakthrough, both nationally and internationally. They are really going all in. Other artist don’t seem to really give a shit, they are burned out and know that this is most likely one of the last stops before the inevitable death of their career and often themselves. There is also often a lot of drama, both on stage and behind the scenes. And I’m watching it all unfold, year after year.

Both semi finals and the final is now over, and of course I will force my verdict of each individual song on you. The official rules state that the top-ranked song shall receive 12 points, the second-highest ranked song 10 points, and then 8 other songs shall be scored from 8 points to 1 point. This means that not all songs will get a score, and that you can’t give more than one song a specific score. My scoring system uses the same scores, but it’s allowed to give more than one song the same score and all songs might get a score, but it’s not mandatory. What is mandatory, is that the score has to be explained. It’s also possible to get a negative score.