Another World.

Many of you are probably familiar with the Amiga 500, Commodore’s late 80s multimedia home/personal computer. I never owned an Amiga 500 myself, but many of my friends did and we spent countless hours in front of that computer. Although Commodore advertised the Amiga as a multimedia computer, we used it almost exclusively for computer gaming, and I’ve got the impression that was the case for most Amiga owners – except for the geniuses of the demo scene, who performed magic with the, at least by today’s standard, very limited hardware resources.

Tons and tons of games were released for the Amiga 500, so many, in fact, that it was hard to decide what to play. But in 1991, a game by Frenchman √Čric Chahi was released that really stood out from the crowd. With vivid vector graphics, a great story and smooth animations, Another World was a game like no others at the time. In 2011, a 20th anniversary edition of Another World with HD graphics and remastered sound effects was released, and during Steam’s 2013 holiday sale, I finally picked it up, hoping to relive one of the great gaming memories of my childhood. Is Another World just another piece of nostalgia that’s best left alone or does it stand the test of time?

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