Yes, hello. I’m just checking in to let you know that I’m all right and still breathing. Every year I take a month or so off from the internet, and this year it seems like I took my break in April. Anniken is back from her four month trip and after a couple of weeks of getting used to everything again, we’re now back at where we left off in December last year. Good times, good times indeed.

In the beginning of April we left Oslo for Larvik and the rather posh Farris Bad. The two days we spent there were ridiculously expensive, but totally worth it. At the hotel, we took the time to check another item off The List.

83. Get a professional massage.

It was more or less what I had imagined; relaxing, painful and not something I can do very often on my budget.

Work still sucks every single drop of creativity out of me, that’s one of the main reason why there hasn’t been any updates lately. The Global Happiness project never happened, and most likely never will. I’ve got another something-something brewing in my head, of course, we’ll see how that works out.

In other news I should probably mention that there aren’t really any more news, at least nothing that can just be summed up in a single paragraph. Some stuff deserves its own entry and maybe I will eventually get around to write it.


I have a confession to make. It might look like the Global Happiness project turns out to be another one of my half-assed efforts. I’ve been reading about Python – and must admit it looks like a very interesting programming language – but have yet to implemented anything because I’ve been otherwise occupied. I’m also stuck with below-average exciting assignments at work, and this more or less sucks me dry of post-work programming motivation. But not to worry, if it’s meant to happen, it will eventually happen one day.

So what have I been up to? Nothing exciting, really. Beside a few social happenings, I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, Yes, I’m not that many days away from turning 32 and I can still play a video game for an entire evening without getting bored. Rumors have it I should enjoy it while I can, though, because some day that Xbox will suddenly turn into an expensive dust collector. I’m now fighting my way through The Ballad of Gay Tony, and I’m starting to see the first few actual signs that I’m turning old and grumpy – I find some parts of the game a little too violent!

Who would’ve thunk it? Margot might have been a psychotic stalker, but I still think there should have been an option to save her. Maybe RockStar did something ingenious and made me somewhat emotionally attached to the characters.

Am I starting to become emotional now as well!? Where will this end?

Epic Beard Man

Some days I’m a social being, some days I’m not. The last week I’ve mostly been the latter, spending my time outside of work and the gym at home where I’ve been watching TV, playing Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City on my soon-to-melt Xbox 360 and looking at the Twitter API documentation.

Am I stuck in an antisocial rot? Might sound like it. That I haven’t shaved in two weeks says “yes”. But the reason for my lack of shaving is Norway’s Chuck Norris1, a.k.a. Lars Monsen. He once said that shaving when it is as cold as it’s been this winter was a really bad idea. He also mentioned that he thought the same thing about showering, but I’m not planning to follow up on that one. The no-shaving-thing works very well, though, -20 Celsius is not a challenge anymore. I should shave soon, though, because I’m starting to scare kids. True story.

Global Happiness

After a little consideration I’ve decided to pursue the Global Happiness Index project I wrote about on Friday. I registered GlobalHappiness on Twitter, so I think I’ll just skip talking about “index” from now on. To be honest, I was a bit surprised that GlobalHappiness wasn’t already registered by someone else. What about starting to follow GlobalHappiness today? Great idea!

Of course, only collecting data from Twitter won’t actually show the actual global happiness. It will show the happiness among Twitter users, people with an internet connection and a sometimes unhealthy need to share. Take myself for instance. Still, with the massive amount of tweets that are coming in, it will at least give some indication of how people feel globally. Another good reason to use Twitter is how extremely easy they make it to access the public time line. It’s a simple GET request and everything I need is available. But what to do with all that data?