Now With Even More Mobile Phone!

First of all: My Twitter feed is a bit more active than this site has been lately. What about following me there? A brilliant idea!

WPtouch. While browsing the interweb on my iPhone a while back, I came across a site using the WPtouch plugin for WordPress. It automagically displays your WordPress site in a more mobile-friendly way and everything works surprisingly well out of the box. It’s supposed to work well on not only the iPhone and Android handsets, but all kinds of mobile browsers. I’ve only tested on my iPhone and on someone’s HTC Hero, but it looked very nice on those two handsets. I’ve even taken the liberty to include a screen shot in this post. If you have a WordPress site, you need this plugin to better support everyone who is browsing your site on a mobile device.

And while we’re on the subject of mobile phones; I’m considering ditching my iPhone in favor of an Android handset. The HTC Hero has become rather popular at work and I’ve had the chance to play around with it for a while. So far, so good. According to the reviews I’ve read, the major drawback of the Hero is that it can be a bit laggy at times, but this has been addressed by HTC in a recent patch. Also, my first generation iPhone is getting slower and slower for each update Apple releases, opening the Messages application can take as much as half a minute some times.


We’re now in the middle of next week if seen from last week’s perspective. This means I should have been playing with my brand new Asus Eee PC 1000HE right now, but I’m not. When I checked the store’s web site today, they’d suddenly changed the date they would get more units in stock to May 24. If you look at a calendar, you’ll notice that May 24 is not today. It’s not this week. Or even the next. It’s actually two weeks until May 24 and it’s a Sunday, which is strange since they are not open on Sundays.

On my way home from work I stopped by the computer store to check if the date on their web site was correct, and yes, yes it was. No netbook for me, then. This, of course, made me want one even more. So I’ve now placed an order for a 1000HE online from a store that reported they had 100+ left in stock. Let’s see how reality turns out.

I’ve discovered that I prefer to sit in my sofa when I write stuff. Even though the MacBook Pro is theoretically portable, it’s normally connected to a FireWire sound card that never works properly if it’s disconnected or connected when the computer is turned on. The user manual actually has two pages dedicated to a huge warning saying that you should not disconnect the sound card if the computer is turned on as it might cause the unit to malfunction. This means I have to turn the MacBook off and then on again when moving it around – not too much hassle, of course, but another reason to get the netbook.


WordPress and the iPhone

This is just a quick test to check if the WordPress application for the iPhone actually works. So far two drafts are gone. But I’m even going to try add a photo of a smashed mobile phone.

Smashed mobile phone

iPhone Apps

Ever since I bought the first generation iPhone about a year ago I’ve been rather quick to update the firmware whenever Apple released a new version. Updating the phone used to be a rather stressful affair, not because it it was hard physical labour, but because my phone was jailbroken and unlocked with the dirtiest hacks available on the interweb, hacks that often meant that I had to run various command line tools on the handset itself and pray that I would not end up with a bricked iPhone; often referred to as an “iPod Touch”.

Now, with the brilliant work of the Russian iPhone Dev Team, the process of updating the firmware is a breeze, simply just click around a little in a graphical tool and the phone is updated, jailbroken and unlocked once again. Thanks to the unlock I can use the phone with any operator and the jailbrake makes it possible to install unsigned applications that are not available through Apple’s own App Store (which iPhone application sucks monkey balls, by the way).

The most popular installer on the first generation iPhone firmware was Installer. Perhaps not the most imaginative name, but you knew what it was doing. On the second generation, however, Installer has been surpassed by Cydia as the number one choice of application for managing applications not officially signed by Apple. The beta version of Installer is just a shadow of it former first generation self.

Everything that is distributed by the official Apple App Store is checked and validated by Apple, this probably to make sure that the applications are not stuffed with code to steal passwords, personal notes and whatnot. I’ve always blindly downloaded and installed all kinds of applications from Installer and Cydia, and only recently the thought of malicious code struck me.

Am I getting old and paranoid? Maybe being a bit paranoid is healthy.

Jesus v2.0

If you have read any kind of tech-related online site today you probably know that Apple announced the 3G version of their iPhone yesterday. 3G is not the only new feature, it also has a GPS, Exchange support, a new version of Safari and even a scientific calculator – among other things. Hopefully, all the software related features will be available on the first generation iPhone as well, because I very much doubt that I will get the 3G version.

Apple will release its phone in several new markets, including Norway, where the operator NetCom has struck a deal through their parent company, TeliaSonera. It will be interesting to see if they can cope with the demand on the release date. Perhaps it will be even more interesting to see if there will even be noticeable demand. Norway is a tiny country, and without TeliaSonera I doubt that we would have been an interesting market. We are, however, first movers when it comes to new gadgets, and a lot of people have already bought an iPhone despite the fact that it has never been available for sale in the country. That makes me think that the people who will queue up for an iPhone already owns one.

Maybe the GPS is what will make them replace their old first generation unit.

And this site design? Getting mighty tired of it already.