Behave, Kitty!

After using Leopard for some days now I have been able to remove most of those small annoyances that surface along the way. I’ve also noticed that it looks like my MacBook Pro uses less juice when it’s being powered by the battery and that a great thing. There is one thing, however, that has started to happen that’s annoying as hell.

My Apple “It Just Works” MacBook Pro has started to lock up when it wakes from sleep.

Judging by the uproar on the Apple Support forums, I’m far from the only one who experience this and it seems like the problem is present on a wide range of different hardware platforms and configurations. I certainly hope that Apple is able to release a fix quickly since laptop users in particular tend to move the computer around and put it to sleep a lot1.

How to get AFP to work with Netatalk in OS X Leopard

After I installed OS X 10.5 Leopard on my Mac I was unable to connect to an AFP share I had on a Debian Etch server. Everything had worked like a charm in OS X 10.4 Tiger, but Leopard just refused to connect.

Evidently, the reason for this misbehavior is that Leopard requires the passwords to be encrypted while Tiger didn’t really care. Because of incompatible licenses, the version of Netatalk that comes with both Debian and Ubuntu is compiled without the DHX module needed to encrypt passwords, making it impossible for you to connect to your AFP shares using Leopard.

But fear not, the nerds of the interweb have come up with a way to solve this.

Hello Kitty

Gine is looking to buy a new laptop she can use for work related stuff. The service agreement she gets from the manufacturer or the place she buys it will be critical since the laptop will be used for work; that the computer is unavailable for two weeks because the motherboard has to replaced will have critical impact on her ability to do actual work.

While discussing that – yes, this is the kind of discussion we have at our place – we also talked about data safety and backups. It’s mighty important to have backups of all critical data since 2.5 inch laptop hard drives tend to malfunction quite often. I have lost 3 so far – and I’m still not backup up regularly on my MacBook Pro. Apparently, I don’t learn anything from past experience. VBOX has a RAID 1 setup, which at least gives me some hope of recovering lost data.

With Apple’s new version of OS X, Leopard, they introduced Time Machine, a feature I wrote about a while back. I had planned to put off getting Leopard for a few months, maybe even to spring next year, to give Apple time to remove the most critical bugs that would surface after the OS was released. But when I though about it I could really need to start taking regular backups and Time Machine was exactly what I needed.

And when you think about it, $129 is not a bad price for a little peace of mind.