I was right, last week at work was hell-on-earth. The below screenshot is from my time tracker and was taken Saturday night at ten past ten. If you’re not normally spending your time in a sweat shop, you should easily find four things wrong with it:

time tracker

I also punched in about six hours on Sunday, making this a new personal best – or perhaps worst. If you also spent last week in a bubble, mostly cut off from Real Life (TM), here are a few things that happened you should know about:

  • The Metropolitan Police in London disarmed two car bombs.
  • Apple released their iPhone.
  • Matthew Goods 7th studio album, Hospital Music, was made available on his site a month before its release.

I also included some other things, but before I was able to save the document, my MacBook decided to lock up completely. Again. So, does anyone want to join me in a class action lawsuit against Apple for false advertising?

Leopard Analysis Part I

For about a year now I’ve been a Mac user. Despite the fact that my MacBook Pro behaves in more or less the same way as my old Dell – it crashes, has to be restarted every now and then and needs to have parts of the hardware replaced – I’m a happy Mac user. In October Apple is releasing a new version of their OS X operating system and in a two-part series of entries I’ll have a look at some of the 300+ innovations Apple is bragging about and try to figure out if there really are any good reasons to upgrade.

I’ll focus on the application I use frequently and new features that look useful for me personally. My first impression of Leopard when it was first presented was that there was no way in hell I was going to upgrade, so you might say this analysis is somewhat biased. And I’m sorry if I hurt the feelings of any Apple fanboys, but that is the problem with the internet and freedom of speech1. Sometimes people do not share your opinions.

Black & White

My vacation plans turned out about as much of a vacation as I’d feared. I’ve worked more or less all week with the notable exception of a few hours today when I slapped together the new design you’re looking at now.

I’m not sure how much I like it, but it was about time to make a few changes here, it’s 500+ entries since the last time. The Webcam and Feeds sections are gone, there was no need for the Webcam section since I never turned on the cam anymore and the feeds are available on the sidebar anyway.

The design if heavily influenced by Khoi Vinh‘s Substraction 7.0. The more design savvy of you will probably call it close to a carbon copy but, as we know, plagiarism is the highest form of flattery.

This is actually the first project I’ve finished on the MacBook Pro. It took a little longer then it would with my usual tools, since I’m familiar with them, but I surely enjoy working on the Mac. There will probably be a few changes and minor tweaks over the next couple of weeks.


It’s quite hot outside, a good thing since it’s summer and all. My MacBook Pro is also rather hot, and I suspect that that’s not so good. The CPU temperature is now 65 degrees celsius and I think it’s about time for the fans to power up to cool it down a little, but nothing is happening.

Another interesting thing is that the CPU is not really doing anything. According to the Activity Monitor it’s using about 3 to 8 percent of the total capacity. I wonder how hot it gets if I fire up something CPU heavy. Is the fans fucked or is it supposed to be this hot?

Hot Apple MacBook Pro

A quick search on the Googlenet shows that I’m not the only one with the problem. As it turns out, the trained monkeys at the Apple factory didn’t apply the thermal grease correctly on the CPU, the GPU and the North bridge.

The problem can be solved by opening the MacBook Pro, remove the original grease and apply a proper amount of new thermal grease. But It’s not very likely that I’ll do this, since it’ll mess up the warranty.

Will Apple acknowledge the problem and let me hand in my MacBook for repairs for free? So far it doesn’t look that way.

Bad Apple, bad, bad Apple.

Sales Argument #1

The Mac is so much better than the PC because it never crashes, it just works.

MacBooc Pro Crash