Saturday’s posting orgy totally emptied me creatively, so there was no entry for you yesterday. My best guess is that you all survived.

On Sunday me and Gine grabbed our bikes and went to Vålerenga, where my new apartment is located. The motivation for the trip was to scout the area and check what kind of services and facilities were available. As it turned out, I’ve got all I really need up there, and I’m downtown at work almost every of the week so if anything I can’t get done at Vålerenga, I can do it on my way home from work.

The neighborhood was awfully quiet and that suits me very well. That it was Sunday probably helped a lot, though, but I can’t imagine that noise will ever be a problem unless it turns out my close neighbors are all members of the same marching band. One of the minor concerns about the apartment has been the railway tracks that lie pretty close to the apartment building. Well, actually, the concern has not been the railway tracks per se (oh, look at that, I used a sophisticated expression in an everyday situation), but the trains that usually run on the railway tracks.

But I very much doubt that it will be a problem: A train passed at high speed when we were outside the apartment building, so there is little chance I will ever hear it when I’m inside.

Now I’ve started to check the online IKEA store for furniture. I need a few things, for instance a sofa. The best thing is probably that I know what I’m getting instead of having to decide in a packed warehouse on a Saturday.

More Consuming

Over the years, I’ve been trying to add review sections to various sites. At least one attempt has been made to – that’s this site for the less attentive of you – with Consumer versions one and two.

To be honest, it didn’t work out very well because having a high quality dedicated review section requires a lot of effort. As you know, I tend to be a little off an on with the site updates.

The problem is, however, that I have this urge to tell the world what I think about movies, books, games, gadgets and other material things, whether they (you) like it or not. So now I’ve decided to make the reviews an integrated part of the…eh…blog.

Please excuse me while I shiver violently.

Anyway, reviews might start to pop up any minute now. I’m also thinking about merging the Moblog with the entries, because does it really need its own section? I think not.

In other news, the tenant-owner’s association – and after a while the real estate agent – contacted me today to let me know that no one in the association had exercised their right to buy the apartment from the seller at my bid. This means that there I’m only a few signatures away from becoming a home owner for real.

One day

I’m sitting on the train to Tønsberg were I’ll spend three days with Gine at Slottsfjell Festival. Every place with their own postal code has a festival of some kind during summer, and Tønsberg has its by an old fortress. The pride of the city as far as I can tell.

I’m not sure about the lineup, the only names I remember is Seigmen – a band that in my eyes lost most of their musical integrity when they decided that performing at the Norwegian Top 20 season final show was a good idea – and Imogen Heap, who you probably know from Frou Frou. I wonder what she sounds like on stage.

Today I met with the real estate agen and the current owner of the apartment to sign the sales papers. It feels a bit strange to do it even before I know if I get the apartment or not. Even weirder is it that I have to pay 10% of the money up front now, with the risk that someone from the tenant-owner’s association can easily sabotage the whole process. If it wasn’t for the facts that this is the usual way to do it (it seems) and that the real estate agency is well known, I would be tempted to suspect they were trying to rip me off.

Home Owner

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m the proud owner1 of a 63 square meters one bed room apartment at Vålerenga in Oslo. Soon I will also officially be in so much debt I’ll be sending the bank a considerable amount of my income every month for the next 20-25 years. The plan is to win enough in the national lottery before next year to pay them back.

Here are some pictures taken by the real estate agent:


The apartment is not available until the end of August, hopefully I haven’t forgotten about it then.

In a completely different matter; I’m looking for a simple graphics application for OS X where I can do quick web site mockups. Any suggestions? PhotoShop is way to expensive and GIMP is just annoying.


Oh, lazy Sunday. Yesterday I met Ola and Kjetil for a few beers at Fru Hagen and QBA. Ola is working in Spain while Kjetil is still stuck in Trondheim, so I don’t see them very often. Good news is that they’re both thinking about moving to Oslo. It looks like most people I know end up here in the end, but not all of them, though. Klas, Tor Olav and Håkon – I’m looking in your direction. Roar lived in Oslo for a while but went insane and moved to Drammen.

Yesterday I also had a look at another apartment, this one wasn’t crooked and it had a proper bathroom. The only downside is that it’s not as close to downtown Oslo as I’d like, but it’s still something I can live with. Going from home to work will take about fifteen minutes on my bike, which is more than acceptable.

I think I’ll end this week of posting with another gem from It’s basic, but hilarious:

From Engrí