Find Free High Quality Photos Online

Are you spending a lot of time trying to find free high quality photos online? Let me help you spend a lot less time.

The heading sounds like SPAM, but this is a legitimate post. Honestly.

A couple of years ago, I started adding featured images to my posts. The featured image is the one you see on top of every post. I used to take a few of them myself, and back in the days I was an avid amateur photographer. I even took a proper photography course once. You’re probably not that impressed, but it’s one of the few times I’ve paid someone else out of my own pocket to have them teach me about a hobby. My photography interest has faded, though, and my trusty 300D, and lens collection is silently collecting dust in the basement.

So now the majority of the featured images you see are shot by someone else. Finding photos online is pretty damn easy, since every major search engine has an image search feature. So any joker can just lift a photo from another site online, and use it. But most of the photos you find through search engines are copyrighted. Someone else owns them. And you wouldn’t steal a photo, would you? Or perhaps you put yourself above the law? Then you’re an idiot. If you are, now is your chance to stop being an idiot: I’ve put together a list of sites that offer free high quality pictures with no copyright attached.

A Picture A Day 2017

As we’re slowly edging closer to the end of the year, it’s time for another of the classic summaries: A Picture A Day 2017.

I started taking a picture every day on January 1st, 2013. By the end of 2017, I’ve posted 1461 pictures, but taken far more than that. From time to time, I’ve toyed with the idea of updating the A Picture A Day calendar to allow for multiple pictures to be posted on a single day. But I suspect that one glimpse into my life per day is more than enough for most people.

Like I do every year, I’d strongly recommend, nay, urge everyone of you to start taking a picture every day as well. Looking at the pictures is a great memory booster, and I often remember other events from the same day as well. Most of them are quite fond memories, which is perhaps why I go on about everyone having to take their own pictures every year.

But enough about that. Here are a few selected, and randomly ordered, highlights from 2017’s A Picture A Day:

A Picture A Day 2015

Ah, yes. It’s December, which mostly means I publish posts summarizing the year. I’ve got a couple of other posts in the works, but getting them done before the year ends depends on Vilde not getting ill with a cold and a fever every other day. How she manages that, I don’t know. Maybe she’s allowed to run around nekkid in the kindergarten. So this entry is just another one of those typical December post, and this time we’ll look at how I did with my A Picture A Day project in 2015.

On the technical side, I added a feature that allow visitors to favorite pictures. Since the project is my personal Instagram1, I’m adding some similar features. So far, pictures have been favorited mostly by myself and Anniken, so I’m not collecting virtual hearts at the rate of Kendall Jenner2 just yet.

During 2015, on September 21 to be exact, I got to the magical 1000 pictures mark. Not all of those one thousand pictures and the ones shot since can be describe as “works of art” – actually, none of them can – but I’ve taken the liberty to select 12 highlights of 2015. Not because they are great shots, but either because I like them or because they remind me of what happened this year: We actually had a little snow early in the year, I ate a few Kebabs, Vilde and I had a great time during my parental leave, the whole family went to Denmark for a week on summer vacation, I spent a lot of time either waiting for or on the boat to and from work, and now we’re waiting for the snow to come back.

In summary? Quite the ordinary year.

Camera Phone Upgrade

While you’re not seeing too many new posts on this site these days, at least one feature is being updated pretty regularly: A Picture A Day. For almost three years now, I’ve taken a new picture every day, and the only thing I regret is – as I’ve mentioned before – that I didn’t start doing it sooner.

Over the course of these three years, I’ve mainly1 used three different cameras: The cameras on my Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 camera phones, and the Samsung Galaxy Camera. For a while, I honestly thought I’d use the Galaxy Camera to take the pictures, but in the end I caved: The Galaxy Camera is basically an Android phone, but it lacks GSM capabilities. That meant I still had to bring a mobile phone with me anywhere in addition to the camera, and that was too much hassle. The picture quality of the Galaxy Camera was surprisingly lackluster as well, barely beating the Nexus 4 – at least in daylight.

Then along came the Nexus 5 with its optical image stabilization, and the Galaxy Camera quickly became obsolete for my use. Now it’s in a drawer somewhere. But while the Nexus 5 is a good camera phone, it’s not great, at least not compared to other camera phones that are available today. The Nexus 5 is, after all, two years old, and that’s one foot in the grave in mobile phone years.

In other words; it’s time for a camera phone upgrade.

I <3 A Picture A Day

This site is regularly the innocent victim of my endless need to tinker with something. More often than not, the result is something utterly stupid that you never see. Every now and then, though, my tampering results in a more or less useful feature, like A Picture A Day. Since January 1, 2013, I’ve posted a new picture every day. As of right now, that means 953 pictures, most of them actually taken the day they were posted, but every now and then I’ve been known to cheat a little.

In many ways, A Picture A Day is my own, personal Instagram. I could, of course, use Instagram instead – that might even have given me an audience – but heaven knows what Facebook could end up doing with my pictures. Yes, Facebook owns Instagram, in case you didn’t know. The company was acquired in 2012 for a sweet $1 billion. Some people are still laughing every time they look at their savings accounts.

One of the popular features of Instagram is likes: Other Instagram users can like a picture you post. So I thought to myself; “if the beloved Kim Kardashian can rack up 468k 479k 613k 813k 861k, and counting, likes with a picture of her boobs (pun intended), why can’t I do the same with a picture of a coffee mug?”

A few hours of PHP, JavaScript, cookies (the digital kinds), SQL queries, CSS, encryption and decryption later, you can now like (or not like if that’s more your cup of tea), the pictures I post every day.

So go ahead, make me your new Kim Kardashian!