Oh, no. Relax. I’m not in the process of setting up my own podcast to bother you audibly in addition to through writing. Instead, I thought I’d share a few of the high quality podcasts I’m listening to regularly.

Podcasting in various forms has been around for ages, but arguably didn’t hit mainstream until Apple released a version of their dreaded iTunes application with podcast support in 2005. Apple is also partly responsible for the “podcast” name, which was first mentioned in The Guardian newspaper in a February 2004 article. It is a portmanteau of the words “pod” (from Apple’s iPod) and “broadcast”.

I’ve never been into podcasts big time, partly because I felt I was getting all the information I needed through browsing the internet and partly because I never had the time (or took the time) to listen to them. But when we moved to Nesodden last year, I suddenly found myself commuting for an hour to and from work and decided podcasts could potentially be a nice way to kill some time.

Finding high quality podcasts turned out to be quite the challenge. There is a lot of crap out there. Like with the blogsphere, where it’s very easy for everyone and their mum to set up a blawgh, it’s also very easy to record a podcast and distribute it all over the internet, for instance via iTunes.

With the list below, I hope that I’ve been able to filter out some of the podcast universe’s noise to help you to quickly find a few high quality podcasts – at least if you’re looking for podcasts in the genres of electronic music, tech security and computer games.