Pictures from the US Road Trip

It’s long overdue, but it took a while for everyone to go through their pictures and remove the most incriminating ones. Anyway, here are a few snapshots, in no particular order, from our September road trip to the US west coast. Photo credits to Hans Olav, Hallvard and Klas. If you enjoy the picture, you might also like the video we created from the trip.

31 Down, 69 to go

During our US road trip we shot quite a lot with the GoPro camera, and over the last two weeks I’ve slowly worked my way through 35 gigabytes of video files. The end result is a road movie, which means I can check off yet another item from The List:

#59. Make a road movie.

The music is by Cinnamon Chasers and the song is called “Luv Deluxe”. It’s copyrighted material, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the video is pulled from YouTube even with the credits in the video description and at the end of the video. Currently the video is not available in HD, but I’m guessing Google’s servers are encoding it in higher qualities as we speak. Most of the shots are played back at 2x speed or faster, expect for the video from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As with photography, where everything looks good in black and white, everything video seems to look good at 2x speed.

The GoPro camera performed absolutely great and was perfect for this kind of filming. The quality is amazing for a camera that size. With the suction mount, I easily attached it to the car window and inside the helicopter and with roll bar mount made it was a breeze to connect to the Segway. Unfortunately, I’d left the head band at home, which would have been perfect to use at the shooting range, and I regret not filming the guys more than I did, especially at the later stages of our journey. But as I use the camera more, I’ll probably learn more about what’s good to shoot and what’s not.

Don’t watch this while hung over (it’s rather shaky at times) and try not to notice where I’ve “mixed” two playbacks of the song together to get continuous sound. I managed to miss a bit and it sounds kind of amateurish. But hey, I’m an amateur, so that’s to be expected, really.


Back Home

After two weeks and over 4000 kilometers in a white Ford Explorer, a gondola, lots of taxis, a submarine, a helicopter, on Segways, on boats and on a bus me and the guys are back home from our 2012 USA Road Trip. Well, at least three of four are home, Klas is still roaming the US of A for another week. The way home was long, but I fell fairly well adjusted, although it probably would have been better if the downstairs neighbors hadn’t decided to party until four in the morning. We had a great time for two weeks with a lot of detours and unplanned activities which got documented well: Among us we must have at least 2000 pictures and well over 35 gigabytes of video. Time will show if I ever get around to edit the all the raw video files.

Everyone managed to get into the United States without much trouble. My luggage, on the other hand, did not. It never showed up in Salt Lake City, and in the end it turned out it had never left Norway in the first place. Thankfully, I’d packed all the important stuff, like charges, in my carry-on luggage and the insurance company covered the cost of some clothes. My luggage appeared again, though; two weeks later, when we touched down back in Oslo, Norway. There it was, my blue backpack tugging around on the baggage claim belt. It looked like it had been through some rough times, but it was my backpack and as far as I can tell nothing is missing.

I haven’t had the time to look through all the pictures I took yet, but I’ll hopefully post some next week. Until then, enjoy this map of our itinerary. We had more stops than this, but the map shows the rough outline and the mother of all detours: Las Vegas, Nevada to Tusayan, Arizona and back again.

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It was a great trip, but coming home to Anniken was absolutely wonderful. Good times!

Lavo, Palazzo Casino


Caesars Palace