Twenty Twenty

Anders Norén is back with another beautiful theme, Twenty Twenty.

In September last year, I redesigned this site using Anders Norén‘s lovely Hoffman theme. Not only did it give the site a new, fresh look, it also gave me a creative boost. Just days before I started using the new theme, I’d posted that I was about to take a writing hiatus, blaming a lack of joy maintaining this site.

After I started using Norén’s Hoffman theme, however, the steady stream of posts continued through the year. It might be a coincidence, of course, but I suspect that changing things up a bit visually every now and then is good for the old nugget.

As you might have noticed, I’ve now changed the site’s theme again. With the recent release of WordPress 5.3 “Kirk”, Automattic bundled a new default theme, Twenty Twenty.

And, lo and behold, Anders Norén made that theme as well!

Being me, I have made some slight changes to the original theme. But the vast majority of what you’re seeing is still what comes out of the box. I’ll continue to tweak it going forward, and if you spot any nasty bugs, please let me know.

The Other Vegards on The Internet

I used to be the most popular Vegard on the internet. But times sure have changed.

Back in the days, the internet was a beautiful, innocent place. People were (mostly) friendly to each other. No one was manipulating elections. People didn’t deliberately spread lies and misinformation – they were just stupid. And president weren’t threatening nuclear war on Twitter.

It surely was a fine time to be alive. But best of all? I was the most popular Vegard on the internet. If you typed my name into any of the many search engines that was around at the time before the Googleopoly, I’d pop up as the number one search result. Lycos, Yahoo! Search, AltaVista, and WebCrawler, they all said the same: “You, Vegard, you are the most popular Vegard on the Internet!”

It felt good, I’ll tell you that. Even the King of Winter at the time, the Norwegian skier Vegard Ulvang, had nothing on me. But that has changed. Other Vegards have made a name for themselves on the internet. Social media profiles like Vegard Harm, and entertainers like Vegard Ylvisåker, have pushed me from my number one spot. These days I’m lucky if I appear on the first page.

Another reason for my fall from fame is that the internet has become saturated with other Vegards who have launched their own personal websites. And that made me curious! Who are these other non-famous Vegards who have found their way to the wast internet? Do they live as exciting and memorable lives as I do1?

It’s time for some good, old-fashioned internet, everyone!

A More Private A Picture A Day

After several years of public picture posting, it’s to time lock everything down a little.

As of right now, the A Picture A Day collection consist of no less than 2414 pictures. I’ve posted a picture every day since the first of January, 2013. And it’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. In the years since I started posting the pictures, a lot of personal things have happened. The A Picture A Day collection serves as great archive that documents a lot of those things – in addition to the mundane events of everyday life.

Recently, however, I’ve pondered what kind of pictures I’m actually posting. I know that family and friends are regularly checking in to see pictures of our kids, for instance. That makes me post quite a few pictures of them.

But is that OK?

This is Me Right Now

I’ve kept up a pretty good posting pace this year, but right now I’m using my precious spare time to build a new feature for this site. It will annoy some of you, but give me some peace of mind.

So this is me right now if I was a cat.

Animated GIF of a cat typing on a tiny keyboard.


I’m getting myself into a time problem, and I’m not sure how to solve it.

So, yeah, as you know I’ve got a wife. And we have kids. I’ve also got a job. I need to sleep. And I’ve got hobbies: Running, gaming, writing posts for this site, and reading books.

I’m terrible at multitasking, but I’ve managed to combine some of these hobbies to a certain degree. I placed an old television set in front of the treadmill, and hooked it up with a Chromecast dongle. So now I cover some of my gaming needs by watching other people play games on YouTube or Twitch while I’m running.

I’ve also tried to combine gaming and writing by putting together quite a lot of computer game reviews over the years. This isn’t ideal, though, because the reviews often feels a bit forced, probably because I played the game just to write a review. What’s the fun in that? Playing the game should lead to writing the review, not the other way around.

The third multitasking-esque thing I do is reading books while I’m commuting. This actually works out very well. I’ve had the A Book A Month project going for about three years now, and it’s been a raging success. I don’t think I’ve ever read as many books as I do these days.