Stian - he's trick is that he is good looking. Image Copyright TV3/Viasat/MTG.If you are able to watch the Norwegian TV channel TV3 on your television, I hope you are prepared for tonight. Once again, TV3 is airing the Crème de la Crème of TV entertainment as the season premiere of the Norwegian version of Paradise Hotel is finally coming on. 10 good looking people locked up in a Mexican hotel, their only real task being to get laid on national TV. How can this possibly fail as entertainment!? I doubt it can.

All right, if all we want is to see people getting it on, there are certainly easier ways to see that than to watch a TV show where you know it won’t really happen. The movements you see under the covers might as well be one of the participants having a seizure. But there is actually one reason to watch this show: To get a very good laugh. It’s a phenomenal social study. Let’s have a look at this year’s lineup!

Dinner and a Show

Yesterday evening me and the missus treated ourselves to a home made three course dinner and a little wine. This was our first real attempt on whipping out something as complicated as a starter, main course and dessert all in one evening and I must say that we were both very pleased with the end result. The food tasted very nice and we managed to prepare everything without any serious injuries and none of us are struggling with food poisoning today.

Preparing the food was surprisingly easy and quick and I thought I’d share the recipes with you in case you’d like to have a little fun in the kitchen yourself. We got the recipes for the starter and the dessert from the book “Mine beste sider” by Andreas Viestad and the main course from Matoppskrifter.no. It was all in Norwegian, but I’ve made an honest attempt on an English translation. Please don’t hold it against me.

Round Robin

After having found and installed a well-hidden MCE update on the Microsoft site, my copy of Windows Media Center 2005 seems to be behaving a bit better. It looks like the turning-itself-on-in-the-middle-of-the-night-mystery is gradually fading away; the box didn’t turn itself on last night. With a little luck it will sleep silently through this night, too.

I read somewhere that it’s a good idea to stick to the topic through an entire entry because rambling on about nothing and everything makes it hard for the reader to stay focused.

Consider this entry a test of your attention span, because now I’m about to change the topic. I’m not worried about you, really, you’re an intelligent bunch. I’d even call you the elite of the interweb crowd. So here goes.

On Saturday I went to a downtown record slash DVD store and took advantage of their sale to get some of the DVDs I needed to get a respective collection. Of course, “respective” is a matter of opinion, but at least I got some good – also subject to opinion – releases. I even stumbled across a DVD I decided to give Klas for his birthday. So hurry up, man, invite me to your birthday party!

While we’re talking about DVDs – see, I’m not changing the topic in this paragraph – season eight of both The Simpsons and South Park are now available in the stores. At least in some countries, The Simpsons won’t be released until the 25th of October in Norway and ordering it from abroad is way too expensive because of the import taxes.

Since I started my South Park collection with the American editions – dumb, dumb, dumb – I have to keep ordering the DVDs from the US – dumb, dumb, dumb. Being a neurotic collector there is no way I’m moving to another edition…

I have issues, I know.

A Better Block Quote

From time to time, I nick ideas from other sites. I’m a bad boy. This site design was heavily influenced by Subtraction, a blog I read for a brief while before getting bored with it. And today I changed the way block quotes are displayed.

Now block quotes are displayed like this.

Much nicer than the old way that you probably don’t remember anyway. The block quote design was borrowed from A List Apart, but I really doubt that that’s the only site on the interweb that display their block quote in that way. Credit is due to ALA anyway, since that’s where I got the quote graphics. Besides, it’s a great site with some good reads if you’re into web site design and usability.

I’ve found a site today that looks somewhat interesting, jogin.com. The site belongs to Tomas Jogin, a Swedish programmer and designer who also knows how to write entertaining entries.

Yesterday I missed Battlestar Galactica because of work. I really need a PVR, but they are still a tad expensive.

This is just incoherent rambling.


Around the time I started to play Eve Online, a Norwegian TV station started airing the “re-imagined” version of Battlestar Galactica based on the original 1978 TV series. So far I’ve watched three episodes, it’s OK, but not gotta-get-this-on-DVD-good.

Science fiction is probably the one genre I like the most, both in literature, movies, TV series and computer games. I’ve been through tons of science fiction books, including the extremely well written original Dune series and the infamous Neuromancer, the book that in many ways defined cyberpunk when it was released in 1984.

My favorite movie of all times, Strange Days also has a science fiction-ish theme as it’s set around new years eve 1999, about five years into the future relative to 1995, the year it was released. Of course, that’s all ancient history now. The movie also has other elements that makes it a hell of a movie.

When it comes to TV series, Babylon 5 is without doubt the best science fiction series I’ve ever watched. I never got the hang of Star Trek, it takes itself too seriously, while Babylon 5 had just the right attitude.

Babylon 5 is, as opposed to Battlestar Galactica, gotta-get-this-on-DVD-good. Or maybe it will just ruin everything. After all, it’s over 10 years since I watched it.