How To: Connect a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller to Windows 7, 8 & 8.1

It’s Friday night and here’s very nerdy entry that’s probably not of interest to any of you, but in case you try to do what I did yesterday it can save you a lot of frustration: How to connect a Wireless Xbox 360 controller to Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 x64 (64-bit) using an Xbox 360 2.4GHz Wireless Controller Gaming Receiver for PC. I bought my unit from DealExtreme. The step-by-step guide below can probably also be used with the 32 bit version of Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 and all other versions that Microsoft has created drivers for, but it’s only tested on Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 x64.

Not able to get the below to work? First of all, make sure you’ve followed each step exactly. If you’re still unable to connect your controller, I’m afraid you have to keep searching the internet for a solution. The steps below worked for me on my computer, but your setup might be a bit different, requiring different steps.

  1. Do not connect the receiver yet.
  2. Download the driver for your operating system from the Microsoft download site. At the time of writing, there are no Windows 8 and 8.1 drivers available on the download page, but you can download the Windows 7 drivers – they work on Windows 8 and 8.1 as well.
  3. Install the drivers.
  4. Connect the receiver.
  5. Windows will try to install the drivers for the connected device and fail miserably. But there’s no need to panic!
  6. Open Windows Explorer (keyboard shortcut: WIN+E), right click on “Computer” and click “Properties”.
  7. Select “Device Manager” from the menu on the left.
  8. You should see an “Unknown device” under “Other devices” in the device tree.
  9. Right click the “Unknown device” and click “Update Driver Software…”.
  10. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  11. Select “Let me pick from a list of devices drivers on my computer”.
  12. From the list, select “Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class” and click “Next”.
  13. From the list, select “Xbox 360 Controller For Windows Version: [13.08.2009]” and click “Next”.
  14. Click “Yes” when the “Update Driver Warning” dialogue box is displayed.
  15. The drivers should be installed successfully. Click “Close”.
  16. Turn on your wireless controller by pressing the Xbox button for a couple of seconds.
  17. To sync the controller and the receiver, first hold the little white button the the front of the controller. The green lights on the controller should start to rotate clockwise.
  18. While the lights on the controller rotate, click the button on the receiver connected to your computer.
  19. The controller and the device will sync and the upper left green light on your controller will eventually be the only green light turned on. You can now enjoy console gaming on your Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 computer.


I have a confession to make. It might look like the Global Happiness project turns out to be another one of my half-assed efforts. I’ve been reading about Python – and must admit it looks like a very interesting programming language – but have yet to implemented anything because I’ve been otherwise occupied. I’m also stuck with below-average exciting assignments at work, and this more or less sucks me dry of post-work programming motivation. But not to worry, if it’s meant to happen, it will eventually happen one day.

So what have I been up to? Nothing exciting, really. Beside a few social happenings, I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, Yes, I’m not that many days away from turning 32 and I can still play a video game for an entire evening without getting bored. Rumors have it I should enjoy it while I can, though, because some day that Xbox will suddenly turn into an expensive dust collector. I’m now fighting my way through The Ballad of Gay Tony, and I’m starting to see the first few actual signs that I’m turning old and grumpy – I find some parts of the game a little too violent!

Who would’ve thunk it? Margot might have been a psychotic stalker, but I still think there should have been an option to save her. Maybe RockStar did something ingenious and made me somewhat emotionally attached to the characters.

Am I starting to become emotional now as well!? Where will this end?

Oh, man!

I finally decided to unwrap my copy of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. I bought it back in November when Anniken came down with a cold and had to stay home from work for a couple of days. I was sure I’d get ill, too, so I prepared for a few days at home by getting the latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto series. As it turned out, however, I didn’t get ill. The game has been sitting in its plastic wrap together with the rest of my Xbox 360 games since then – until today, when I decided I wanted to give it a go. I wasn’t ill, but I was at home. That’s one out of two, not too bad.

I’d forgotten all about how much noise the Xbox 360 makes. Compared to my PS3, it’s like sitting next to a jet engine. Fighting fire with fire, I turned up the volume of my amplifier, effectively drowning the Xbox noise in the sounds of screeching tyres, gun shots and police sirens. That worked out nicely for about twenty minutes, when this happened:

For Sale: GTA IV compatible game console!

Yes, I’m at it again, selling stuff off my site. This time I’m letting go of my Xbox 360, all the extra hardware I’ve bought for it and every single game!

This is what you’ll get:

You’ll also get these 14 high quality games:

  • Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock (with guitar – this game is bought at Platekompaniet and still sealed, so you can go to the store and exchange it for something else if you want to).
  • Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
  • Need for Speed ProStreet
  • Need for Speed Carbon
  • Kane & Lynch Dead Men
  • NASCAR 08
  • Test Drive Unlimited
  • Project Gotham Racing 3
  • Project Gotham Racing 4
  • Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars
  • Saints Row
  • Forza 2 Motorsport
  • Colin McRae Dirt
  • The Orange Box

All this is yours for a mere 6995 NOK! That’s over 500 NOK off the price I’m advertising elsewhere on the interweb. Why? Special price for you, my friend.

Because of the size of the bundle it’s preferable that you can come pick up everything in the Oslo area, but I can of course ship worldwide at the buyer’s expense.

Grab it now before it’s too late!


As I’ve rambled on about in the past this autumn is a particularly good one if you’re a gamer. Tons of excellent titles have been announced in November and December and yesterday I visited my local game pusher to get the one of the games I’ve anticipated the most; Io Interactive’s Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

The game as only gotten mediocre to crappy reviews in the gaming press, but I’d still want to play a game that looks like it’s a console game version of the bank robbery scene from Heat. Still, I’m not sure I’ll want to use my money on a game the gaming press and gamers agree is not living up to its full potential. What I need is a place where I can rent the game to really test it so I can decide wether it’s worth the buy or not.