Take You On A Cruise

I’ve been able to track down TC. Sort of.

Yesterday evening me and Hans Olav went to see Erlend. He lives in the same area as TC, so I decided to stop by her apartment on my way home. When I left Erlend’s place, I called her, but didn’t get an answer, only her answering machine. No surprise there. I once again left a message asking her to call me and that I would be at her door in about ten minutes.

When I got to her apartment building, I saw a familiar car parked outside. It looked like her friend’s car, the friend whose telephone number I’ve been trying to get my hands on the last couple of days. I wasn’t absolute sure that it was his car until I recognized a company logo sticker on the windshield, something I’ve noticed the first time I saw his car. It was parked in a very convenient way, just outside the apartment building, a few feet from the door - making a quick escape very possible. Interesting.

Then I rang her apartment doorbell, but that had no effect, which was not huge surprise either. Now, the problem with apartment buildings is that the people living inside it have to let you in with the buzzer, so if they don’t want to let you in, you can’t get in. Except when there is someone else entering or leaving the building. In my case, someone else was entering, so I snuck in and quickly made my way to her floor. I rang the doorbell a couple of times, and I could hear her dog whimpering inside, like she always does when people come to the apartment. But no one opened the door and the dog was of no help.

I knocked on the door to one of other apartments on the same floor, and asked to borrow a pen and some paper so I could leave a note on her friend’s car asking him to call me and give me an update. The neighbour was a nice guy, he gave me what I asked for and he could also tell me that he’d heard someone entering TC’s apartment about then minutes earlier. Then why the hell was no one answering the door? I wrote my message, said goodbye, went outside and placed the note under one of the car’s wipers. Before I left, I took a quick stroll around the building to see if there was light coming from any of the windows. And there was; from one of the living room windows, I could see it from the bus stop where I was waiting for my transportation back home to arrive.

Standing there, I was writing yet another SMS message to TC asking her to please tell me what the hell was going on, when the light in the living room suddenly went off. I quickly head back to the front of the apartment building, where I meet her friend and his girlfriend. Finally! They had been in TC’s apartment to feed her dog. Because TC had left and gone to Denmark.

Denmark, ladies and gentlemen. Denmark!

Apparently, TC’s mother had told TC’s friend that she’d left for Denmark on Friday. There’s nothing wrong with a trip to Denmark, but what about telling me!? Like this: “I will be in Denmark for a couple of days, I’ll can you when I get back. Have fun when I’m gone”. What the fuck is she doing in Denmark? No one really knew. And when the hell will she return?

I feel like she just disappearing is something I might not be able to handle very well. I like her a lot, but she’s not making it very easy for me.


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