The site has now been moved over to the new server, a good thing since it gives me more power and administration privileges. I like both. Unfortunately, parts of the database was lost in the transfer. If you posted anything in the guestbook, rated a picture or wrote a comment on a picture some time between Friday night and Saturday morning, it ended up in the huge, grey archive. Please recap your actions and do it again.

About two hours ago I returned home from my trip to Lillehammer, where I visited Merete and her friends. It was no less than a great trip, and one I wouldn’t mind repeating soon. But it set me back about $150, money I don’t have. Merete had some very nice and lively friends, but one of her flat mates, Hege, stood out from the crowd. A beautiful and very interesting girl with lots of humor. And as with other women with those characteristic, she was waaaaay out of my league. I seriously need to get into that league. But it sure as hell was a great trip.

I brought both my G2 and the old Konica, now degraded to ‘party cam’, with me. I and other people took a few pictures with the party cam, so I’ll probably have some of them online for your viewing pleasure soon.