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Here I am, it’s way past seven in the evening and I’m still at work. Most of it thanks to Lovsan (a.k.a. MSBlast, Poza, Blaster, W32/Msblast and Lovesu), which found its way inside the network this afternoon. Of course most of the servers weren’t patched and it spread like a forest fire in Portugal. But the WAP server is safe and sound now and I’m a happy man again. The damn thing didn’t restart properly after I patched the OS, but someone down in the server bunker pulled the plug on it and it’s working now. Oh, the joy of Microsoft.

The action shots are now up in the store. Have a look, it’ll probably want you to buy some Vegard-wear right away. If you don’t buy anything, you’re just lame. End of story. Do you want to be lame? I didn’t think so.

I saw T3 yesterday. I’ll actually go as far as to call it a semi-good movie. Arnold is a fucking comedian at times. If he ever becomes the governor of California, I’ll start paying more attention to politics.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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I saw T3 last friday when ut opened, and I must say it rocks! :-) That is if you like Arnold and the other Terminatormovies. T3 has got cool action, awesome Terminatrix (in the shape of Kristanna Loken) and some pretty funny scenes. Arnold is actually funny and it is not by accident, believe it or not. this one will not bloody likely win an oscar, but it is good entertainment. I actually bought the T2 DVD a couple of days ago. and since I already has got T1 on my pc I am ready for a Terminator marathon. wohoo….. :-P

You’re right, besides after seeing an interview with her on the telly, I think I like her better when she’s not talking to much..

This makes me think of a quote from Strange Days that I won’t quote here because of my own security, but if you have a look at IMDB, it’s probably there.

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