Today was one of those days that history just forgets. Because nothing of interest happened. At least nothing huge. I was down at the university from 8 to 16, wrestling with NetBeans, trying to solve a problem that should be very easy to solve. But I’ve been stuck with it for the last two days, so I guess it wasn’t that easy after all. Or maybe I’m just dumb.

As you might have noticed - if you haven’t, you’re most likely blind - a huge box with a poll is now being displayed on the front page and every page in the archives. Please read the information in the box and cast a vote in the poll. It’s kind of important, and I would really appreciate if you participated. Thanks a lot in advance.

My discussion with a girl I don’t know - or at least a person pretending to be a girl - keeps on going in the guestbook. If you’re interested, have a look.

A new snippet of a track from Matthew Good’s album is available on Sympatico. Unfortunately, it’s yet another so-so track, and I’m beginning to believe that the only killer song on the album is ‘Weapons’. The Matthew Good website has also been updated with a new design, and the videos for both ‘Weapon’ and ‘In a World Called Catastrophe’ are available for download.