Yesterday I met with Cathrine, who I see about once a year - If I’m lucky. We met when we both attended ethics studies in Brazil four years ago, she is one great girl who I enjoy spending time with, but despite the fact that we live in the same city, we never get to meet up.

This summer, to earn some money before she moves to Amsterdam to finish her Masters degree, she started working for a large, European airline and she could certainly tell me a lot of interesting things. Now I know where the safest place to sit in an airplane is - the only problem is that “the safest place” is different for emergency landings on land and on water (also called “ditching”). I also know that six beeps from the cabin crew phone is a bad thing and if the steward is called to the flight deck you’d better buckle up and start getting religious right away.

All this is great information for me since I’m going to London tomorrow morning with the first flight out of Gardermoen.