The Apache is not an Indian

Since I’ve got some quality time ahead of me, I kind of thought I should do something about the design on this site and code my own backend for content control. So, yesterday I installed Apache, MySQL and PHP on my Dell laptop. Installing each one was no sweat, but getting PHP and Apache to work together was a tiny pain in the ass. I first installed Apache 2.0, but couldn’t get PHP to read variables from the querystring with it. So, I decided to install phpdev 4.something-something instead, to get a pre-configured setup.

Half way through the installation I decided that I couldn’t go for a solution like that. What kind of computer engineer am I, if I’m unable to set up a simple webserver on my own? So, I removed phpdev and installed Apache again, this time 1.3 instead. Unfortunately, I ended up with having the same problem as with Apache 2, but after a while of httpd.conf hacking, I realized I had to set the RegisterGlobals variable… And the problem was gone. Yay for me.

Yesterday night I spent with Klas, Tomas, HΓ₯kon and Kristoffer, drinking beer. We also saw a documentary about stalking (where I picked up some nice pointers on what to do to not get caught), played some Counter-Strike and generally talked a lot of shit


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