The Beatings Will Continue...

…until morale improves. It’s been a few lazy weeks, exercise wise. It happens from time to time; I just don’t exercise for a while. I know I’ve been rambling on about how important it is to keep a steady pace and go to the gym regularly, but theory and real life are two very different things some times. Usually always.

And it’s especially hard to gather the necessary strength to drag ones ass to a way too hot gym when the sun is shining and it’s 30 degress centigrade outside.  Today, however, I finally managed to put on my jogging shoes and at least run a few rounds around the block while listening to Rise Against. It was a very nice run, and I felt great afterwards.

Once again I can’t believe that I’m not taking a short run every day. It only takes half an hour and really charges both the mental and the physical batteries. Please remind me of this entry the next time I’m complaining about motivational problems.


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