The Best Domain in the Universe

My domain is great. It’s my name and it’s short. It’s close to impossible for anyone but Scandinavians to pronounce, let alone write correctly and even remember. But it’s still my name and short. To make sure the domain stays mine for a while I decided back in July of last year to lease the domain until some time in 2008. Just to get rid those other Vegards who were drooling all over it, waiting for it to expire. Like I did with

But a domain I really want is With the obvious sub domain “just”: What a great domain! The name wouldn’t have any direct link to my site, but I would be famous just for having such a kick ass domain. The guys who’re currently owning it, Shared Autonomous sYstems - note the Y in systems, I bet they did that just to get the coolest domain the world - are currently not using the domain for anything, except a 403 forbidden on What a waste!

Tomorrow I’m having a job interview. Wish me luck.

Now I’m tired and want to sleep. So all you got this evening was yet another ΓΌber-nerdy rant.


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