This has been another nightmare week at work, the second week in a row with 70 hours in the rat race. And it’s not over yet. Because of the Winter Olympics I’m effectively at work 24/7 for the next three (?) weeks. This has, as always, resulted in a very minimal amount of updates on this site and I’m not sure if it’ll get any better any time soon either.


The Steam version of Space Empires IV Deluxe has been released for a couple of days now. I have yet to play it, instead I’ve had a few rounds of Counter-Strike. Nothing is like whoopin' some bot ass to blow some steam. Of course, there is a long time since I played, so in practice they are whoppin' my ass. But it still helps with the steam. It’s about freakin' time Hallvard gets off his ass and gets himself an internet connection. I need someone who can aim to cover my back.