The comment feature goes live!

For once I do as I’ve promised. I used a Saturday evening to code a comment feature for you. It’s now live, and as far as I know, it actually works, too. I’ve decided to only enable it on selected entries where I ask questions, or feel that it’s appropriate to indirectly ask for some feedback. You’ll not be able to save your details when entering comments, but that’s only temporary. It’s caused by some weird and damn annoying bug I was unable to hunt down and squeeze tonight, so I decided to have a look at it tomorrow instead. Or some other day.

Tomorrow I might join Hans Olav for a photo session downtown. But now; sleep.

I missed out on a nice chat with Marte because I coded, so you better use the comment feature, and use it good! Whatcha all think, then?

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

5 replies on “The comment feature goes live!”

It depends very much on the page you are checking. I haven’t checked any pages with comments, so it might be some errors on those. And a few others, of course. But, hey, try validating some huge sites around…

And exactly which pages did you try to validate?

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