The Computer That Can’t Crash.

I’ve been through this one before, but here I go again. Apple are marketing their computers with slogans like It Just Works. I’m either a computer illiterate moron or Apple are a lying sack of crap and far too often I’m seeing that the latter might be the case.

When I first started writing this entry, it was about iTunes Plus and how Apple was doing an excellent job together with EMI to drop the DRM protection on iTunes. Hell, I even bought my first ever music download from the iTunes store yesterday because the DRM was finally removed.

But halfway through writing the entry, I accidently activate Dashboard. Unfortunately, Dashboard does not appear, instead everything on screen lock up, except for the mouse pointer. I’m not able to activate any of the open windows or write anything. It’s not possible to put the MacBook to sleep, something that sometimes solved strange problems. Instead of putting the computer to sleep, closing the lid on the laptop just removed everything on screen. Except for the useless mouse pointer.,

The last resort is to turn the MacBook off and then on again. Of course all my work is lost in the process.

Perhaps the slogan should be “It Mostly Works”.

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  1. I know how frustrating it can be. My PowerMac messed up totally when I was transferring some songs from my iPod. Somehow, the crappy shareware program I was using managed to erase most of my home directory. The desktop picture disappeared suddenly and everything just acted up. I was… pissed, to say the least. But you know what they say, shit happens.