The day Flash died.

For a while there was Flash.
And it was good.
But then came the beeping Flash ads.

A Norwegian general phone service provider, Telenor, is currently running an advertisement campaign where they’re telling everyone about cutting the prices for their mobile services. Fair enough, we all like cheap stuff. Just don’t add sound to your banners, people! Today I accidentally run my mouse pointer over the add four times when reading an online newspaper, and each time the familiar You’ve-Got-A-New-SMS-Hurray-sound used on Nokia mobile phones was triggered. Beep-beep. Beep-beep. Annoying? I’ll say! I’m listening to music here! I don’t want to be interrupted by unnecessary beeping. But as soon as I want to, I’ll let you know, Telenor!

So I did what I had to do. The Flash plugin is now removed from my computer and I doubt that it’ll ever return.

The results from last night’s Know Your Cola tests are now in. Four people participated, Hallvard, Camilla, Klas and myself.

Drink #1 Drink #2 Drink #3 Drink #4
Hallvard Pepsi TaB Coke Rimi Cola
Rimi Cola Pespi Coke TaB
Camilla TaB Coke Rimi Cola Pepsi
Rimi Cola TaB Pepsi Coke
Vegard TaB Coke Pepsi Rimi Cola
Rimi Cola Coke Pepsi TaB
Klas Coke Rimi Cola Pepsi TaB
TaB Rimi Cola Pepsi Coke

The first row to the right of each participants name shows what was really in the cup, while the second row shows what they thought it was. Green pairs indicated correct guesses, while red pairs are false guesses.

So, what can we learn from this. Probably nothing, this wasn’t even close to being a scientific test. But it still revealed a few interesting facts.

  • Hallvard thought the Coke he was drinking was TaB for a while, but rearranged his guesses, which saved him some Cola honor.
  • You can serve Camilla anything, she probably can’t tell coffee from tea.
  • I’ve been drinking Rimi Cola instead of Coke lately, but it looks like I could just as well drink TaB. But since it’s an American brand, it wouldn’t help my boycott much, now would it?
  • Klas is pretty good at knowing his Cola, even after a few beers and some booze.

Join us again next weekend, when we’ll check how much alcohol influences your balance. Oh, wait, we did that on Friday.

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  1. We will definetly check how much alcohol influences you balance next weekend. It is the 16th of may on friday, and the 17th on saturday. the 17th beeing the date some guys signed the norwegian constitution in 1814. I will ,sure as snow in the Arctic, get totally drunk on friday. I will drink myself resistable. :-)

  2. Something’s missing in your test.. the most interresting part.. which brand tasted best??

    .. I just got a message from my editor (me) .. a new poll has just finished and it seems tast no longer is the most interresting part.. the new #1 on the “The-public-(meaning ME)-want’s-to-know”-list is of course:

    Who [a long and impressivly rude combination of profanities] is Camilla.. or do I have to come up there and do a “Stein Lillevolden” on ya ass?

  3. If you drink one brand enough, you get used to the taste. So it’s not a question of what brand has the best taste, in the end it’s the price that matters.

    It really haunts you not knowing who she is, doesn’t it, huh? Huuuuh?

  4. Have I told you about my latest project? I’m cutting back on my rather extensive (mis)use of Cola.. I now only buy glass.. and since the price is a real killer I drink less (but it tastes better)…

    Since I don’t watch “Hotel C├Žsar” or any other soaps on the TV, the tiny 80yrs old house-wife in me kicks in with a vengeance everytime she can.. :P .. so be on your guard, I might one day show up outside your house throwing eggs and painting slogans on the road..!