Today I had my head examined.

I’m taking part of a large, international study of patients suffering from severe psychological conditions, like Schizophrenia, and I’m in the control group with “sane” people. I was hoping to get electrodes on my head and other science fiction mumbo jumbo, but (unfortunately), it turns out that a neuro psychological test is just an extended concentration test.

Still, I got to do lots of fun stuff, like playing with cubes, drawing strange patterns and repeating numbers and words. Turns out I suck at remembering things, but give me a few cubes and I’m the wiz. As part of the study, they needed a blood sample, something I really, really hate. Shots are not a problem, but taking a blood sample is something I just don’t handle very well.

But surprise. As it turns out, the person who had work over time to take the sample was Marie. No sweat, then.

Today I’ve also moved a rather heavy refrigerator, bought three Foo Fighters albums on sale in the local music store and the latest Switchfoot album from Amazon.