The Early Bird Gets the Best Pictures

This weekend my home town, Notodden, turns into a what can only be described as an unforgettable mess of drunk middle aged people and bad music. It’s time for the annual Notodden Blues Festival! Yay! Notodden is usually a quiet little hole, but once a year every forty plus year old blues lover in the country decide to go to Notodden to listen to their favourite music and get drunk and beyond.

Blues really is not my genre, I prefer to listen to music that’ll make me happy, not depressed. Yeah, I know I’m kind of generalizing, it’s like calling all electronica for techno, but I just don’t like blues. Let’s leave it at that, shall we? Even if I’m not into the music, I’m usually in Notodden during the Blues weekend to have a chat with old friends. But not this year. As usual, I’ve to blame work for not being able to go home. I had last weekend off, I don’t really think I can get away with not working this weekend, too.

But I’m not working the entire weekend. Tomorrow I’m having my most ambitious photo project to date. Given that the weather is all right, I’m getting up with the sun at around five in the morning. I want to go to Frognerparken and Vigelandsparken to take pictures without any people there. Pictures of these two parks usually have a lot of people in them, so pictures of both parks completely empty will be a nice change. Also, taking pictures at sunrise will hopefully give me enough light and a really good feel to the pictures. Hopefully there will not be that many drunk people staggering home from a long night out. Wish me luck.

New CD in the mail today; What You Thought You Heard by Borialis. These guys play hip hop with a serious rock influence. Good stuff.

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