I managed to get up at four thirty in the morning as planned. Believe it or not. One of the people I live with, and the sister of one of the other people I live with (not all these people are aware of my site, so I’ll refrain from mentioning anyone by name) joined me, and we walked to Frognerparken at around five.

That’s damn early. And what a complete waste of time.

Out of the sixty pictures I took, I got one or two decent ones. Maybe I’m too critical to my of pictures. Or maybe they just suck. The main problem was to get the background right. It was usually the sky, which happened to be very nice during sunrise. But the sky either burned out, or the motive got too dark. I played around a lot with the shutter speed, but didn’t get it right. What can I do about this? How can I capture the colours of the sky and still get good light on the motive during sunrise? For close ups, I could probably use the flash, but for landscape photography, it seems a bit tricky.

Any suggestions? Yeah, I’m looking at you, Tor Olav.

Breaking in my brand new old TV that Øyvind lent me on Tuesday, I decided to watch the last few episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I kind of lost track of everything during the last two DVDs. I like Manga, but this just ain’t my style of Manga. There are too many funny faces, too much screaming for no apparent reason and way too many sexual references related to fourteen year olds. And that Shinji Ikari character just got annoying.

But give me Ghost in the Shell any day.

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