The Hunt Continues.

Another interesting fact about living in a shared apartment is that people move in and out all the time. Now, three – half – of the people living here move out. Hans Olav and Frida, who found each other and true love move in to their own place. Karine, who decided to try to move in with her boyfriend a month ago hasn’t been seen since, which means that it probably went very well or very, very bad. Either way, she’s moving out and we now have three vacant bed rooms in the apartment.

Since we’re keeping a strict balance between the sexes, we’re looking for two hot chicks, preferably Miss Universe contestants, and some guy. The process begun today and will continue until Monday. Whish us luck, because we have fucked up the selection process before.

If you’re able to tune in to Norwegian TV channel TVNORGE be sure to watch tonight at 21:30 CET when Dino, one of Gine’s1 friends and a semi-frequent commenter here, makes his reality TV debut.

Today I witnessed my first Windows Vista related crash, without even having touched the OS or any software running on it. Extremely low-quality photo available in the Moblog.


  1. Just to clarify: Gine == The Girlfriend, she has just decided that it was OK that I used her name now. But I wouldn’t expect to see her in the cast any time soon.

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  1. Luckily, I stayed in the kitchen most of this episode, and got away with only a few embarresing appearances.. Anyway, I can confirm that the celebrity factor works very well with the opposite sex.. Woo me!

  2. I plan to sell the details to Se & Hør, so I really can’t relate any details without compromising the thickness of my wallet ;) Joking aside.. I believe that any detail i disclose will reflect poorly on me, so I’ll pass for now :)