One of the greatest bands that have ever had the opportunity to walk the surface of this earth is, at least in my opinion, Matthew Good Band. It was with great shock I realized that the band is no more. They are gone. After their latest release, The Audio of Being, they packed their bags and left. But the mastermind behind the band, Mr. Matthew Good, is still alive and breathing. Yesterday I heard the upcoming single from his next album, Avalanche.

And what can I say? The king of Canadian alternative rock is back! All hail Matthew Good. Check out his web site, where you’ll find the music video of the single, Weapon, and some links to other MG related sites. You can also pre-order the 13 track album, which is released on the 4th of March, from That’s just a month or so. Yay!

As some of you might have noticed, you’re now able to add comments to every picture available on this site. I took the time to convert all the comments made when the picture index was running on the old site, and that was a hell of a job I’ll rather not do again.