It’s actually a bit late for updating site now, I should be in bed, but I just returned from basketball practice and I’m still pumped up with adrenaline. So I probably won’t be able to sleep in a while anyway. And I’m in the writing mood, since I didn’t write much down at the university today. Shame on me.

Yesterday I finally finished changing from winter to summer tires on my bike and today I fixed the brakes. And I’ll give you one freak guess on what happened. When I got out from practice today, about five centimeters of wet and slippery snow had fallen. A bad thing, but I managed to get home in one piece.

But it was also a good thing, in a photography-kind-of-way. Because it was rather late, there were no tracks or footmarks on the sidewalk, the snow was a perfect carpet on the ground and the different colors of the street lights made it a real Kodak moment. Unfortunately, I don’t have a tripod yet and I really don’t have the time to walk around outside at night taking pictures. Maybe next winter.

Good night.